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Sneak Preview New Video

As a subscriber, you can be the first to see my new video "MUMBO JUMBO" (Click on the Image Below)

Mumbo Jumbo is a double helping of sound and light marinated in a thick helping of music, wrapped up in a Rock / Blues bun.

The costumes and dancers are amazing and confusing. Right from the first crashes of James Creasey's legendary guitar, Mumbo Jumbo picks you up and takes you on a roller coaster ride.

It is unlike anything we have ever done.

It is bright, fearless, and the contrast between the filming location, Rosalie and the dancers is simply mind blowing. Just like the song!

The song is about that one person in our lives that simply drives us crazy. We all know them...Rosalie simply speaks for all of us.......


My next video is called "OVERLORD" and is scheduled for release in December 2021...stay tuned.

Check out my Facebook page for advance outtakes from the videos, news and more.

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