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Coming Right At You With New Exciting Music

This month I have some great new original music coming your way.

May 28, 2022 - World Wide Release of my new original hit single "Don't Forget About me"

About the Single -Don't Forget About Me

"Don't Forget About Me" is an original romantic tune by Rosalie Drysdale.

Slow, soft and gentle Rosalie's voice caresses as she considers the loss of a love and the sadness that follows.

Considering what could have been done to stay together, but in the end realizing that there were mistakes made and sacrifices but with no help.

In the end, the message or plea is "Don't Forget About Me"!


Don't forget to Visit my Youtube Channel to see the Music Video "Don't Forget About Me"


June 18 2022 - World Wide Release of my new single "Just Another Ghost"

About the Single - Just Another Ghost

Haunting, ethereal, like a mist in the wind.

My newest single "Just Another Ghost" is in final production now. It will be available for sneak preview on my website May 23 2022!!!!!

The Worldwide release will be June 18 2022.

The musical genius, James Creasey did an absolutley incredible job with the Audio Production on this song. Wow, this song will haunt you, it speaks to the way we walk through our lives in this crazy World.


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