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Rosalie Drysdale Music


Singer - Songwriter - Actress


In the darkest of nights, as the gale screams past the shoreline of Lake Winnipeg, crashing into the lonely beach and landing on the kneeling forest. A single light shines into the raven night....... the light from her window. Oblivious to the rage outside, enveloped in the passion that surrounds her...Rosalie creates the music of your life.  

The music of life, as in life, struggles to see the light, other days if sneaks gently into your consciousness, and still others it screams to be heard above the daily commotion.  It is within this lack of confining borders that Rosalie creates.

With an oceanic depth of feeling and emotion, Rosalie's voice can calm, and sooth, then, in an instant, become a world-wind of fury which rages into the night, to greet the morning  as smooth as a summer breeze.Life, Love, Devotion, are Only the First Pages of the full story of life and the emotions explored in the  music of Rosalie Drysdale.Dare to explore the messy, complicated and exquisite story of life with Rosalie Drysdale....

Rosalie Drysdale is a singer, songwriter, pianist, arranger and producer who performs on stage, television and radio.

She has been creating original music and performing in a wide variety of genres including soul, R&B with a dash of Jazz all the way to inspirational and classical, which are her musical roots.


Rosalie is inspired by a variety of musical stylings, and instruments.  Her love of such a variety of instruments and styles results in a unique musical signature, inspiring, emotional and entertaining.


She writes and arranges all of her songs at her Yamaha Grand Piano, in Studio Bella Rosa. 

The Acoustic Grand Piano is her main instrument, which she plays on all of the album tracks, in addition, on selected tracks, she plays the Hammond Organ  on her Nord Electro 5HP.


She trained for over a decade with the Royal Conservatory of Music as a classical vocalist and pianist, and spent her formative years performing classical, gospel, jazz and pop music.


Rosalie is host of the Vision TV show “Time To Sing”, which is in syndication across Canada, on Vision TV,    Faith TV  and  The Miracle Channel.


She performed the Theme Song “Reach Out Go for Gold” at the opening ceremonies for the 1999 Pan Am Games, which was broadcast live around the World, to an estimated audience of 400 million viewers.


Rosalie performed locally on stage for five years with the Ron Paley Big Band, and made countless appearances at various venues around Winnipeg in late 1990’s. 


After a hiatus of almost two decades since her last album “Soar” was released, Rosalie now spends her time exclusively at Studio Bella Rosa, and is working with a variety of artists on a number of new and upcoming projects.

You can watch some of her performances and keep up to date with upcoming events at her website.


You can also listen to her music, which is available on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music, Youtube, Rumble, Facebook and most download and streaming sites Worldwide.

Rosalie is trilingual she speaks English, German and Music.


Rosalie Drysdale

Life - Love - Music - Faith


When Helen Keller said “ A Bend In The Road is not the end of the road…Unless you fail to make the turn” , she may well have been talking about the amazing life journey and career of Rosalie Drysdale. 


Rosalie’s story actually begins in post war Austria, her parents, as children,  fleeing war torn Europe for a better life in Canada. As a first generation Canadian, and the eldest of four daughters, Rosalie only learned English when starting in the public school system. German was the language spoken in her family home at that time, and she remains fluent to this day.


Very early in life Rosalie was introduced to Music, and by the age of two, she would sing in her parents Church.  Her parents recognized a musical talent in their young daughter and by the age of eight she was enrolled in classical piano lessons, which she continued for 11 years, along with weekly vocal lessons from a variety of vocal schools around western Canada.


To this day, her proud father, boasts of making that three hour round trip drive from Barrhead to Edmonton, each week, so Rosalie could take her music lessons.  He also still jokes about their little stops for pizza or hamburgers on the way to or from home.  He was proud of the hard work Rosalie did at such an early age, and felt that rewarding that hard work was only fair.


As her musical skills developed and flourished, she, and everyone around her, took for granted that her vocation in life would most certainly be in music.  By 1974 she recorded her first album with her parents and sisters titled “Family of God”, by 1979 Rosalie and her sister Emilie recorded another studio album “Butterfly”.


During her growing up years, she regularly played the piano, sang and accompanied singers in her parents church in Barrhead, Alberta and later, when her parents were transferred to Winnipeg, she sang and performed there.  At the age of ten she was doing piano improvisational performances at the family church.


After graduating high school, in Winnipeg, she attended Bible College in Alberta, and on graduation she returned to Winnipeg, and soon became engaged and got married.


Life changed from a promising career on stage and in the music business to becoming the wife of a pastor, starting a family and working as a choir director in her husband’s Toronto based church.  These years were very difficult, with the isolation from her family who remained in Winnipeg.  Rosalie had three children worked in the church and after ten years in Toronto,  suddenly found herself and her family being relocated to Winnipeg.  A career in music had long since become a cherished dream in the past.


While in Winnipeg, Rosalie’s Music career once again started to flourish.  She was a featured singer with one of the popular “Big Bands” in Winnipeg, and by 1999 was selected by the Pan Am Games Committee to perform the games theme song “Reach Out Go For Gold” to a live audience of around 16,000 people, and an estimated Television Audience worldwide of around 400 Million people.  Following the PanAm games she became the most popular singer in town, being featured in many official events.  


During this time of increasing recognition and growing success in the music industry, Rosalie was struggling to keep her family together, but despite those efforts, she and her children found themselves in a single parent home without any reliable means of support.


It was at this time, once again her musical journey seemed to come to an end,  and in order to make ends meet, she focused on a career in Real Estate.  It was extremely tough at first, raising three children on her own, and trying to jump start a real estate career.  Despite the hardships Rosalie was able to flourish, and became one of the top selling real estate agents in Winnipeg year after year.  


With three children and a career to manage,  there was no room for music, and she said that her beautiful white Yamaha Baby Grand Piano would sit sometimes for months without anyone paying attention to it.


Despite these difficulties, music continually called to her and in 2001 she produced a new studio album of her original music titled “Soar”.  This was her third studio album, but with limited resources for promotion, following the initial surge in the album’s sales, the fanfare diminished and it was back to real estate and family.


With the struggles of a career, and as a single parent, there was not much else in her life, until 2010, when she was approached by a Television producer who had an idea for a new Television show.  The show would feature old time gospel music, a comfortable home like set, with Rosalie as the host.  Rosalie went on to host the first season of the television show “Time to Sing” and later co-hosted the second season of the show.  The show is still in syndication across Canada and United States, and was one of the most successful TV shows of it's kind for Canada”s Vision TV.


As her real estate career flourished and her children started to leave the nest, Rosalie found a little more time to start re-considering her musical aspirations, and at the same time, met and married the love of her life Ken Drysdale.


Together, Rosalie and Ken embarked on an amazing tour of the World, and during that time, the spark of music that had always remained within her heart and soul, once again began to burn.  


On her world travels she was introduced to many different cultures and musical styles.  At this time she was inspired to write the song “People All Over The World” which was included in her studio album “Fantasy”.



In 2017 Rosalie and Ken embarked on the adventure of building a home, on the shores of the beautiful Lake Winnipeg.  The couple custom designed the home, with an integral feature being a state of the art dedicated Music Studio, which the couple christened “Studio Bella Rosa”.  


The studio is home to her new Yamaha Grand Piano, and her little white baby grand has a place of honour, in the great room of the house.  Rosalie spends hours practicing, composing and playing on each, and both pianos have been featured in a number of her recent Music Video Releases.


Over the course of the past few yers Rosalie has released no less than seven complete Studio Albums, with Three more scheduled for release in 2021.  2022 will be just as busy, and another studio album is in the production for early 2022.


Due to the Worldwide pandemic,  live concerts have not been possible for the past two years; however, she is currently planning the production of a live tour for 2022 and beyond.


In April 2021, she released the fusion classical album “Kickin’ It Klassical”.  On May 29, 2021, her new original blues album “Mumbo Jumbo” will be released.   June 25, 2021 will mark the release of her third album for 2021 “Rhythm of Your Heart”.


In addition to producing music, Rosalie’s production company BrimbleShrimp Productions, has been working on the production and promotion of her Music Videos.  Today, they have released approximately 30 music and music related videos.


Rosalie is a strong proponent and supporter of the local music industry, and as such uses all local, live artists on all of her albums.  Recording, filming and production all takes place within her local community of musicians.  She believes in making real music, with real musicians, and has teamed up with some of the most talented musicians, producers and technical people in the World.


Her musical style is varied and unique. Including Jazz, Blues, Soul, Classical Music, Classical Fusion, Inspirational, Gospel, Ballads and R&B.


With strong roots in classical music, gospel and R&B her music has something for everyone.


Her music videos are inspiring, thought provoking, sometimes provocative, reflective, and always entertaining.  You can see her music videos at Rosalie Drysdale Music on Youtube, or Rumble, or on her website.


You can find Rosalie Drysdale Music on all the major download and streaming sites Worldwide as well as the most popular Social Networking Sites.  You can also visit her on her own website at:


You can contact her through her website, join her Fan Club, keep up to date with the latest news, music releases, purchase her music and branded merchandize online, listen to music, watch videos, and purchase your very own copies her music and videos.


Whenever there is a new video or music release you can find it early on her website, before the official Worldwide release.


Come visit Rosalie at:

  1. I'll Be Seeing You           

  2. Amazing Grace              

  3. I'm In The Mood For Love       

  4. Baby Ain't I Good To You 

  5. Prelude In E MInor             

  6. Moonlight Sonata       

  7. The Christmas Song    

  8. Silent Night             

  9. Oh Holy Night      

  10. Tiny LIttle Baby          

  11. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

  12. Winter Wonderland                                  

  13. People All Over The World             

  14. The Lord's Prayer                              

  15. Psalms 23                                       

  16. New Heros                                    

  17. Jesus Loves The LIttle Children  

  18. Fantasy                                            

  19. Rosina                                         

20.  Tell It On The Mountain.          

21.   Silent Night                             

22.   Winter Wonderland.           

23.   We Three Kings                      

24.   Blurry In The Rain           

25.   Why Don't You Do Right       

26.   Neck of The Woods.                  

27.    Fur Elise                                            

28.    Not Gonna Worry.                             

29.    One More Chance                      

30.    Love That We Share.                 

31.    Nearer My God To Thee.                 

32.   Acheron (Toccata & Fugue).         

33.   Secrets.                                                  

34.   Big Talk.                                             

35.   Rhythm of Your Heart                         

36.  The Making of "Touch Your People".    

37.   Touch Your People Once Again.               

38.   Mumbo Jumbo                                 

39.  Overlord                                            








































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