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About the Album - Fantasy


The album Fantasy is a collection of original songs, including R&B, Pop, Inspirational and two new presentations of classical spiritual favourites.  All songs are original arrangements, written and arranged by Rosalie Drysdale.  Rosalie wrote the lyrics, arrangements and lead vocals, piano and hammond organ tracks.


Each musical creation tells an authentic human story, which can be appreciated by a wide variety of people, and when interactively shared, will promote discussion and self reflection of some of the most intimate topics of our human experience.


Rosalie performs all lead vocals, some back up vocals, as well as all piano and most Hammond Organ tracks.


Rosalie takes you on a journey through life, its highs, its lows, its triumphs, its failures, all bound together by the rhythm of life….music.


The album “Fantasy” contains nine original compositions, all performed by Manitoba Artists at Studio Bella Rosa.  The line up of artists includes many Winnipeg musical legends:  Laurie MacKenzie; Julian Bradford; Rob Siwik; Sheena Rattai; Fionnagh Sheldon; Aaron Shorr, Ken Gold; Todd Martin; Merina Dobson-Perry; Clara Clefstad; James Campbell; Sandra Bender; Rebecca McIntosh; Wes Rambo; Nathan Poole; Nolan Balzer; Daniel Raposo; Eddie Hodges, Kyle Wedlake and Introducing Titan.

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The Road Ahead Ver 2.jpg


About the Single - "The Road Ahead"


Embrace a moment of tranquility and inspiration with Rosalie Drysdale's latest hit single, "The Road Ahead." This song is a soothing balm for the soul, a musical embrace that gently reassures and comforts amidst the chaos of the world. With its gentle melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and masterful instrumentation, "The Road Ahead" stands as a testament to the power of faith and the promise of a brighter future.

The song opens with the soft caress of Rosalie's piano, its notes weaving a delicate tapestry that invites listeners into a space of contemplation. Her evocative vocals come in like a gentle whisper, delivering lyrics that speak of hope and the unshakable assurance that a higher power walks alongside us on our journey.


"The Road Ahead" embodies the sentiment that no matter how uncertain life may seem, there's a guiding presence that lights the way.

As the song progresses, the delicate interplay of soft guitar solos adds layers of emotion to the composition. Each note is carefully chosen, creating a sense of reverence that perfectly complements the introspective nature of the lyrics. The pacing is deliberate, allowing every word and every musical element to sink deep into the listener's heart, offering a sense of solace and strength.

"The Road Ahead" is not just a song; it's a beacon of light in a world often fraught with challenges. With its gentle melodies and inspiring lyrics, it serves as a reminder that there's beauty in trusting the journey, even when the path is unclear. Rosalie Drysdale's heartfelt delivery conveys a message of unwavering faith and the deep-rooted belief that there's a purpose to every step we take.

In an age where chaos and uncertainty can feel overwhelming, "The Road Ahead" emerges as a timeless anthem of comfort and hope. Its ability to touch hearts and resonate with a global audience is a testament to its universal appeal. This song is more than just a musical composition; it's a source of solace, a balm for weary souls, and a reminder that there's strength in embracing the unknown when guided by faith.

Prepare to be soothed, uplifted, and assured by the gentle embrace of "The Road Ahead." As you listen to Rosalie Drysdale's tender piano, the soft guitar solos, and the heartwarming vocals, you'll find yourself wrapped in a cocoon of tranquility. This song is a testament to the healing power of music and its ability to offer comfort and clarity even in the most challenging times. Get ready to let the soothing melodies of "The Road Ahead" wash over you, reminding you that the journey, though uncertain, is filled with promise and guided by faith.

The Road Ahead


About the Single - "Glorify"


"Glorify" is an uplifting and inspirational song with a profound spiritual message. This original song by Rosalie Drysdale features powerful and emotive vocals accompanied by a grand and majestic musical arrangement. The lyrics of "Glorify" express praise, adoration, and reverence towards a higher power. The song will inspire you as it evokes a sense of awe, wonder, and gratitude, inviting listeners to join in a collective expression of worship or admiration. Musically, "Glorify" incorporates elements of gospel, contemporary Christian, and worship music genres, with dynamic instrumentation, harmonies, and moments of crescendo to create a transcendent and celebratory atmosphere."Glorify" is intended to uplift and inspire listeners, inviting them to reflect on the divine or embrace a sense of joy and exaltation.


Introducing "I Worship You" – a soul-stirring original single by the talented Rosalie Drysdale that envelops listeners in an atmosphere of profound devotion and spiritual sublimation. This exquisite piece is a shining gem within the realm of Christian contemporary music, where Rosalie's exceptional artistry and delicate vocal prowess unite to create an ethereal sonic experience.

I Worship You.jpg


About the Single - "I Worship You"


Introducing "I Worship You" – a soul-stirring original single by the talented Rosalie Drysdale that envelops listeners in an atmosphere of profound devotion and spiritual sublimation. This exquisite piece is a shining gem within the realm of Christian contemporary music, where Rosalie's exceptional artistry and delicate vocal prowess unite to create an ethereal sonic experience.

"I Worship You" is a musical testament to the depths of faith and love, crafted with a soft and tender touch that resonates with the heart. Rosalie's velvety voice, like a gentle breeze, sweeps over the listener, evoking emotions of awe and reverence. Her vocal performance is nothing short of remarkable, effortlessly traversing the serene melodies while infusng each note with a genuine sincerity that's both touching and inspiring.

The song's lyrical journey takes the listener on a voyage of spiritual connection, painting vivid portraits of worship and surrender. The poignant lyrics, intricately woven into the music's fabric, illuminate the profound bond between the individual and a higher power. As the melody unfurls, it weaves a tapestry of soft instrumentation, allowing Rosalie's voice to take center stage – a beacon of light guiding listeners through their own reflections and moments of divine communion.

"I Worship You" is more than just a song; it's a transformative experience. The song's beauty lies not only in its composition but also in the emotions it evokes – a delicate dance between the earthly and the celestial. As the music gently flows, listeners are invited to immerse themselves in an oasis of tranquility, finding solace and inspiration in every lyric, every chord, and every nuance of Rosalie's performance.

In a world that often clamors with noise, "I Worship You" stands as a serene sanctuary, reminding us of the power of devotion and the beauty of surrender. With Rosalie Drysdale's remarkable talent and the song's soft, beautiful arrangements, this single is poised to touch hearts, uplift spirits, and remind us of the transformative nature of authentic worship. Get ready to be captivated by the soft, tender embrace of "I Worship You" – a musical testament to the boundless beauty of faith.

I Worship You
Coming Home 2.jpg


About the Single - "Coming Home"


Get ready to groove to the irresistible beats of Rosalie Drysdale's latest original track, "Coming Home." This funky and electrifying song takes you on a journey through a tale of redemption, love, and the undeniable power of an incredible groove.

"Coming Home" is a testament to Rosalie's versatility as an artist, as she delves into a genre that's both unexpected and utterly captivating. With a sound that's funky, fresh, and utterly infectious, this track breaks free from conventions, delivering a killer groove that's impossible to resist. The moment the first notes hit, you'll find yourself transported to a dance floor where the rhythm rules and worries are left behind.

But this song isn't just about the music – it's a lyrical narrative that weaves a story of vulnerability and the yearning for a second chance. Rosalie's evocative lyrics unravel a tale of a relationship that went awry, where one person acknowledges their mistakes and longs to make amends.


The promise of change and the hope of reconciliation become the driving forces, encapsulated in the refrain "I'm Coming Home." With each verse, the emotional depth of the story unfolds, resonating with anyone who's ever felt the ache of regret and the desire to rebuild what was once lost.

At its heart, "I'm Coming Home" is a celebration of forgiveness and the human capacity for growth. The spirited instrumentation mirrors the journey of the lyrics – rising and falling, just like the tides of emotion that characterize a complicated love story. The funky basslines, vibrant horns, and infectious rhythm guitar combine to create a sonic landscape that's both nostalgic and modern, paying homage to classic funk while infusing it with Rosalie's unique flair.

This track isn't just a winner; it's a triumph for Rosalie Drysdale, showcasing her mastery in seamlessly blending genres and creating music that's utterly engaging. "I'm Coming Home" is a testament to the power of music to capture our hearts and move our bodies, reminding us that even in the midst of life's messiness, we can find solace and redemption on the dance floor. So get ready to let loose, embrace the groove, and experience the magic of "I'm Coming Home" – a song that's funky, vibrant, and undeniably relevant.

Coming Home
My Faith Look Up to Thee Flat.jpg


About the Single - "My Faith Looks Up To Thee"


Prepare to be swept away by the hauntingly beautiful and soul-stirring original composition, "My Faith Looks Up to Thee," by the exceptionally talented Rosalie Drysdale. With a voice that resonates like soft velvet and an orchestration that tugs at the heartstrings, this song is a pure delight that will leave you inspired and deeply moved.

Rosalie Drysdale's rendition of "My Faith Looks Up to Thee" is a masterful interpretation that infuses the timeless hymn with a fresh and contemplative essence. Her voice, soft and velvety smooth, envelops listeners in an embrace of pure emotion, carrying them to a place of reflection and inner contemplation. Each note she delivers is laden with sincerity, evoking a sense of connection that transcends mere music.

The orchestration of the song serves as the perfect companion to Rosalie's stirring vocals. Pensive and artfully crafted, the arrangement weaves a delicate tapestry of sounds that gently cradle the listener's soul. From the subtle swells of strings to the tender caress of piano keys, every element intertwines to create an atmosphere that feels like a spiritual journey. The haunting quality of the music resonates long after the song has ended, leaving an indelible imprint on the heart.

"My Faith Looks Up to Thee" is a testament to the power of music to uplift and inspire. The song's depth and poignancy are matched only by Rosalie's remarkable ability to convey emotion through her voice. As the melody unfolds, listeners are invited to immerse themselves in a moment of introspection, finding solace and renewal in the sincerity of the performance.

This rendition is more than just a song; it's a profound experience that captures the essence of faith, hope, and devotion. The delicate balance between haunting and inspiring is a testament to Rosalie's artistry and her ability to connect on a deeply spiritual level. "My Faith Looks Up to Thee" touches the soul in a way that only truly exceptional music can, reminding us of the power of faith and the beauty of introspection.

In a world often filled with noise and distractions, Rosalie Drysdale's "My Faith Looks Up to Thee" stands as a sanctuary of serenity and inspiration. It's a musical masterpiece that invites listeners to pause, reflect, and be moved by the ethereal combination of Rosalie's inspiring voice and the contemplative orchestration. Get ready to embark on a journey of the heart as you immerse yourself in the haunting, inspiring, and soul-touching melodies of this extraordinary composition.

Used to Be-Flatten.jpg


About the Single - "Used To Be"


Dive into the mesmerizing world of Rosalie Drysdale's latest R&B masterpiece, "Used to Be." This song is an irresistible blend of contemporary R&B, infused with a touch of Spanish guitar magic, and a rhythm section that softly seduces the senses. Rosalie's sultry vocals and the song's infectious groove combine to paint a vivid picture of a relationship in flux, delivering a musical experience that's both emotionally resonant and rhythmically captivating.

"Used to Be" begins with a rhythmic pulse that immediately draws you in, setting the stage for what's to come. The Spanish guitar, with its passionate and expressive tones, weaves seamlessly into the song's fabric, evoking a sense of nostalgia and adding a layer of sophistication. As the beat kicks in, the soft but irresistible rhythm section takes control, creating a sensual atmosphere that's impossible to resist.



Rosalie's vocals shine like a beacon, delivering each line with a mix of vulnerability and empowerment. The lyrics tell a poignant story of a relationship that has changed over time – a sentiment many can relate to. The chorus, where Rosalie croons "The way that you touch me is not the way it used to be," encapsulates the heart of the song's theme. The emotions are palpable, as listeners are transported into the world of the narrator's experiences and emotions.


One of the song's standout moments is the guitar solo, reminiscent of the legendary Carlos Santana. This soulful and expressive solo takes the song to new heights, infusing it with a fiery passion that mirrors the emotional intensity of the lyrics. The solo becomes a musical conversation, expressing what words alone cannot convey – the complexity of emotions, the yearning for what once was, and the struggle to bridge the gap between the past and the present.

"Used to Be" is more than just a song; it's an emotional journey wrapped in a sonic tapestry of R&B and Spanish guitar influences. Rosalie Drysdale's artistry shines as she navigates the nuances of the narrative, her voice becoming the vessel through which listeners can immerse themselves in the emotions of the song. The combination of the irresistible beat, the alluring Spanish guitar, and the poignant lyrics creates an experience that's both captivating and deeply moving.

In a musical landscape where authenticity and emotional connection are prized, "Used to Be" stands as a testament to Rosalie's ability to craft music that resonates on a soul-deep level. So get ready to sway to the rhythm, feel the emotions, and experience the magic of "Used to Be" – a song that's as irresistible as it is emotionally impactful.

Used To Be
My Faith Looks Up To Thee



About the Single - Where Are You Christmas

One of the most beautiful voices of our time, performs one of the most touching Christmas songs of the last decade.  Iconic, heart felt, soft, sweet, with incredible cinematic orchestration, you will want to listen to Rosalie Drysdale singing "Where Are You Christmas".


You can download this one for free, share with your family and friends or just simply enjoy over the holiday.🎄


Merry Christmas from Rosalie Drysdale❤️💋

Where Are You Christmas
Just Another Ghost


About the Single - Just Another Ghost

Seductive, soft, passionate consideration of life, longing for a unique place.

Rosalie Drysdale's new original singe "Just Another Ghost", is a consideration of life and the aspiration for everyone to be more than just a a fading face in a crowd, or Just Another Ghost.


We want to be heard, we just do not want to be a two dimensional character on a silent movie screen.


Rosalie's voice is smooth as silk floating on a summer evening breeze.


With Spanish guitar highlights accentuating her already soulful expression, with the musical genius of James Creasey in Audio Production, this will become one of your favourites.


About the Single - Thank You

Rosalie Drysdale performs her single hit "Thank You"


Gentle and reflective, this song whispers a thanks to the ones we love and who love us.


With perfect vocals and soft vocal accompaniments this song will relax and comfort you.


Listen with your lover, and be reminded of each others love and devotion.


This song is dedicated to the loving memory of Mathias Baumgartner......Forever Missed, but Never Forgotten.

Thank You
Mary Did You Know.jpg


About the Single - Mary Did You Know

"Mary Did You Know" is one of the most inspirational gospel songs in a generation.

The classic gospel song "Mary Did You Know", performed by Rosalie Drysdale with the superb audio stylings of James Creasey.


The incredibly smooth and gentle vocals, this song presumes to ask Mary what she knew about her to be born son, Jesus.


The story is so poignant and Rosalie's voice so sweet and smooth that you will not be able to forget the song and its message of hope.


Orchestration by none other than the great James Creasey.

Mary Did You Know
Old Rugged Cross.jpg


About the Single - Old Rugged Cross

"Old Rugged Cross" is a well known and loved inspirational gospel songs.

Old Rugged Cross is a traditional Gospel Song, and Rosalie Drysdale performs it in the way it was originally meant to be performed.


Rosalie's soft and gentle voice is perfectly accented with full orchestration by James Creasey including a wonderful Hammond organ and soft electric guitar.


You will be transported into an age gone by and back into the chapels of your youth.

Old Rugged Cross
Into Your Music.jpg


About the Single - Take Me Into Your Music

"Take Me Into Your Music" is an original rock/pop song by Rosalie Drysdale.

Rosalie Drysdale performs her original single hit "Take Me Into Your Music".


The song winds and twists along to the constant beat of the James Creasey band, inviting and seductive Rosalie invites you into her musical world of music, love and life.


Experience the depth of music, love and life.

Take Me Into Your Music
Oh Canada.jpg


About the Single - Oh Canada

"Oh Canada" is the national anthem of Canada as performed  by Rosalie Drysdale.

Rosalie Drysdale performs this incredibly inspirational version of the National Anthem of Canada.  


This rendition has song is set to a musical salad of instrumentation which reminds one of the frontier hardships, with violin, fiddle and an entire orchestra.  


The song is performed in both English and French languages.

You can also see the Video version of the song on this site.

Oh Canada


About the Single - All I Have is A Sigh

"All I Have is a Sigh" is an original romantic tune by Rosalie Drysdale.

Rosalie's voice softly strokes the stings of your heart, and tells the story of a memory of love l one past, with the ghostly memory captured in a sign.

You will marvel at the exquisite sound of Rosalie's trademark silken voice.

I Surrender.jpg


About the Single - I Surrender

"I Surrender" is an original song of inspiration and praise by Rosalie Drysdale.

The deepest relationship between a person's heart and God is rejoiced in this original song.

Rosalie celebrates the dedicated and personal relationship with the  God.  Her voice is smooth, and melodic, the music caresses and reassures

A new classic Gospel song, you and your family will love to sing along with.

All I Have is A Sigh
I Surrender
Just a Closer Walk_edited.jpg


About the Single - Just a Closer Walk With Thee

"Just a Closer Walk With Thee" is an inspirational tune by Rosalie Drysdale.

Rosalie gives this gospel classic a touch of jazzy vibe, along with the musical stylings of the incomparable James Creasey, this tune will have you tapping your toes in praise and worship.

Just a Closer Walk With Thee
Don't Forget About Me
Don't Forget About Me.jpg


About the Single -Don't Forget About Me

"Don't Forget About Me" is an original romantic tune by Rosalie Drysdale.

Slow, soft and gentle Rosalie's voice caresses as she considers the loss of a love and the sadness that follows.

Considering what could have been done to stay together, but in the end realizing that there were mistakes made and sacrifices but with no help.

In the end, the message or plea is "Don't Forget About Me"!

Overlord Video Thumbnail copy.jpg


About the Single - Overlord

"Overlord" is an original inspirational tune by Rosalie Drysdale.

Breathless, Torrential Flood of Images, Light, Music and Colour. "Overlord"


Tear off the curtains that protect their secrets, your path to freedom starts with knowledge.


Be courageous and look under the obvious News.


It did not happen all at once, it did not happen in the open, it was creeping, stalking, in the night, in the darkness. It was cunning, it was patient, and now its jaws threaten to devour us all. Understand what lies beneath the things that you see and hear.


Overlord unleashes a torrent of sound, it is a tornado of colour and light, and it will take you on a frenzied journey that you cannot turn away from.


We have layers. Overlord will take your breath away, it will attack your senses and overwhelm your understanding of the world today.


Be courageous, start your journey with Overlord, there is no easy path to courage, only a desire to be free.


"Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it."


“The ending is nearer than you think, and it is already written. All that we have left to choose is the correct moment to begin.”

Stay Right Here copy.jpg


About the Single - Stay Right Here

"Stay Right Here" is an original inspirational tune by Rosalie Drysdale.

This is a very personal song to me.  I bare my heart and soul in this song and that’s why it is one of my favorite songs.  


What greater thing is there to have than peace.  Peace.  In this world that is such an illusive thing.  Even when you think you have achieved it, it can seem like it fleetingly disappears without notice.  


Is peace something one can actually own?  I don’t think so.  It isn’t something that you can purchase, steal, conjure, convince, seduce, manipulate, demand, parade or patent. 


But, peace is achievable.  It can be within a person purely, authentically, and consistently when and if that person daily connects to the Ultimate Source of peace. That Source is Jehovah God, the One WHO IS Himself, PEACE.  


I can only have peace when I “plug in” to that stream of endless supply of peace.  


That is what this song is about.  “Take me to your place of peacefulness, I need to know your Holy Righteousness.  In Your presence all fears fade away.  I’ll stay right here at your side.”


That place of peacefulness is available to anyone who seeks it.  

Stay Right Here
Take Me Higher Album Cover  copy.jpg


About the Single - Take Me Higher​

"Take Me Higher" is an original romantic tune by Rosalie Drysdale.

We all want to experience unfettered, unbounded love.

Sometimes, though we want to be loved very badly and accepted for who we are, we make it very difficult to experience that love.  Because we’re scared.   So we keep our protection mechanisms in place all around us which actually, often inadvertently,  turn into walls. So the one trying to love us, can’t actually get through those walls…. And you can have a stalemate and therefore heartache.  

This song is someone just laying it all on the line.

“I’ve never met anyone like you”


So already, the person is saying, “man, you know what?  You are pretty cool.  There’s something about you that I can see as extremely valuable.  I’m going to take a chance on you”.


Then the hook,  the person is fully in,  full on.  

They’re saying, “I took a chance on love, I took a chance on you based on my assessment of you, and it was totally worth it.  I had no idea love could be this great.  I had no idea we could ascend to these heights.”


And the lyric, “crazy love” - just really refers to love that isn’t keeping score.  Kind of a reckless love that gives freely and unconditionally without thinking about itself…

Rosalie's smooth voice and depth of emotion is perfect for this song about romance, love and commitment.

She tells a story of the exhilaration a person feels when together with that special person.  

The perfect song for love, romance weddings, or just for cuddling by the fire.

Join Rosalie for this romantic journey of love and exhilaration.

Take Me Higher
Happy Now  copy.jpg


About the Single - Happy Now​


"Happy Now" is an original song by Rosalie Drysdale.

This song becomes pretty self explanatory as you listen to it.  Fortunately or unfortunately too many people can relate to this song from a negative experience. 



The way I wrote this song though, I think does justice to the infraction but still lends levity to how ridiculous and pointless it is for a lover to cheat on their significant other.


It’s kind of a sarcastic, yet not bitter,   attitude from the person who is kind of “left on a lurch”.  


It’s like when you were a little kid and you did something bad and then experienced the consequences and your parents said, “Look what you did.  Are you happy now?”   Or   “I hope you’re happy now”.    :)

The song has an incredible feeling to it, although the story is extremely serious, it is delivered in a mocking way, kinda of a Told You So.

Rosalie sings about a spouse who stepped out of bounds, and "Played the Field" but "Struck Out" and now is OUT.

The song has a great rock and roll beat thanks to the incredible sounds of James Creasey's guitar and the driving drums.

You will find yourself tapping your toes and laughing a little

Happy Now
Gotta Try Album Cover copy.jpg


About the Single - Gotta Try

An Original Song by Rosalie Drysdale!

First of all this song identifies that EVERYBODY is talking…. Talking talking talking…. No shortage of opinions on any issue…. On and on it goes..


But fewer people are listening.  So that’s the first point made…is sort of “well I confess there’s a lot about the future that I can’t actually predict and anything I have to say right now, I’m kinda finding out that nobody really wants to hear it”….LOL


So the character in the song goes on to make the point, “ I know I’ve failed in life, I’ve made bad choices, I’ve hopefully learned and I’m going to do better.  In the meantime what I do have is that I can keep trying.  I can keep not giving up.”


And that thought pattern is established in the Hook.  The character takes a stand and says, “listen, when all else is going to s***, I can still hope and keep trying. Cuz I happen to believe that even when the preverbal night is long, I believe that the TRUTH will eventually prevail.”


And then in the last verse, the character is basically saying that they are going to forge ahead, never quitting and always trying.   Then asks the question, “who is with me?”,  “when all else fails can I count on you?”.   "I don't want to do this"  thing called life "alone". 


Gonna Try will inspire you.  


Rosalie sings about how good things can happen to you, but only if you try, and are not intimidated to move forward.

The song talks about brining someone into your life and doing life with them, being able to depend on them.....but not giving up despite any set backs.

Rosalie's voice is powerful, the beat is classic rock and roll, you will love it.

Gotta Try
Natalie copy.jpg


About the Single - Natalie

Natalie is an original song by Rosalie Drysdale.

It tells a haunted tale of a life spent lonely with regrets over past Failures and missed opportunities.

Rosalie sings the song with the deepest of emotions, her incredible voice allows her to portray the depth of anguish felt by Natalie.

This song is a cautionary and conciliatory tale in that it demonstrates how many of us allow our past hurts, disappointments, perhaps our own failures to dictate our final analysis of things.  


The song talks about a woman who had as much potential as the next person - and perhaps even more.  However, dismal and very difficult external circumstances in her life caused her  so much pain.   As for any of us, she likely didn’t do everything right,  however she did her best and worked very hard in her life. 


But at the end of her life, though she raised a family and her children adored her,  her many, many disappointments and hurts and buried heartache plagued her soul until the end.  At the end of her life she was inconsolable.  


So this song is trying to console Natalie, who is the woman in this story.  

As Rosalie says...."The Past Should Inform our Future, NOT Dictate it".

Please join Rosalie in her one of a kind performance!

Touch Your People copy.jpg


About the Single - Touch Your People Once Again

Touch Your People Once Again is one of the most intimate of modern Gospel Songs.

I’ve known this song for many years.  It was written by Pelle Karlsson and it has been covered by many singers, including his wife, Evie Tournquist Karlsson.  (I was a big fan of hers when I was a kid).


The song came back into my memory just a short time ago and I could not get it out of my mind and psyche so I knew I had to record it.  And with the help of genius man,  James Creasey, we recorded our own arrangement of it.


This song grips me in a very personal and deep way.   I am a person of faith, with a deep reverence for God: And as we all grapple with what’s going on in the world around us these days,  I just felt so strongly, that no better message needs to be sent and no more urgent prayer prayed than this, “Oh God, Please Touch Your people”.  We have crazy all around us, pain, confusion, division…….. We need God.


So it’s a song of acknowledgment of our need for God to help us through our current times.  I also find it remarkable that this song was written almost 40 years ago and that it is SO applicable to the times we find ourselves in today.  It’s really a message for any and all times of history.  


It is a profound and deeply moving supplication to God to restore his Church on Earth.


If you have not heard this song before, it will deeply touch your heart!


Rosalie Drysdale sings an intimate and heartfelt arrangement of "Touch Your People Once Again".


This is one of the most inspirational songs we have ever done, it is the perfect song of hope and trust in our faith.


Join Rosalie on this heartfelt journey of faith, hope and devotion.


Please support Rosalie's Christian music.

Touch Your People
Rhythm of Your Heart Album Cover.jpg

About the Album - Rhythm Of Your Heart

Rosalie’s new album “Rhythm of Your Heart”.


This album is all about romance, it is the perfect gift for that special someone, or just to enjoy with someone you love.


The album contains 11 songs, including remixed and remastered love songs AND a new hit song “Hold Me”.  


This album is perfect for planning your wedding, anniversary or just a wonderful romantic evening at home.❤️

We teamed up with the incomparable James Creasey to Remix and update many of these songs to create the perfect atmosphere for you and your special someone.  Mr. Creasey brings over 40 years of music industry experience to the album, the results are incredible.

This is a must have album for everyone!


The album has 11 incredible  tunes:


1.  Fantasy (Remix)

2.  Hold Me

3.  Baby Ain't I Good To You (Remix)

4.  As Time Goes By (Remix)

5.  Love That We Share (Remix)

6.  Misty

7.  Rhythm Of Your Heart (Remix)

8.  And The Angels Sing (Remix)

9.  I'll Be Seeing You (Remix)

10. I'm In The Mood (Remix)

11. Prelude - Feelin' It


Rhythm Of Your Heart

Available on all major download the streaming sites Worldwide.

Physical CD orders, exclusively at

Rhythm Of Your Heart
Mumbo Jumbo Album Cover 2.jpg

About the Album - Mumbo Jumbo

If you love the blues, you will love "Mumbo Jumbo".  If you have never heard the blues, then "Mumbo Jumbo" to get to know this incredible genre.


Imagine yourself in a dark smokey lounge, ........  through the dark,  Smooooth, Velvety Music slowly drifts across the room and surrounds you.  You fade off into a cloud of relaxation, dreams and thought......


Mumbo Jumbo is the most innovative Blues Album to come along in the past decade.  


Rosalie Drysdale has written and arranged all of the music, and she is joined by a "blue" ribbon group of musicians and production experts, the result being one of the most heartfelt and profound blues albums of our time.


Rosalie's velvety smooth vocals combined with the incredible music and orchestration will leave you breathless.


The album has 8 incredible original tunes:


1.  Mumbo Jumbo

2.  One More Chance

3.  Kiss You Goodbye

4.  Blurry In The Rain

5.  Secrets

6.  Big Talk

7.  Hold Me

8.  Rhythm of Your Heart



Available on all major download the streaming sites Worldwide.

Physical CD orders, exclusively at

Mumbo Jumbo
Kicken It Klassical.jpg

About the Album - Kickin' It Klassical

Are you ready to be Inspired? Are you ready to be Rocked? Are you ready to Redefine how you think about Classical Music?


If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then you will love "Kickin' It Klassical"


Rosalie, has worked with some of the top musicians and orchestral producers for almost a year to bring this album to life.  The intent of this album is simply to inspire you, to remind you what it is like to feel pure joy and excitement.  Try not to move to this music, try not to keep going back to it again and again, you will not remain seated...Turn It Up!


She has taken six of the best loved classical pieces and reimagined them into cinematic modern inspirations.  


1.  Für Elise - Struttin' It.  

2.  Prelude - Feelin' It

3.  Concerto in A Minor - Spankin' It

4.  Ave Maria - Praisin' It

5.  Moonlight Sonata - Groovin' It

6.  Tocatta and Fuge - Rockin' It


If you love music, you will love "Kickin' It Klassics".


From the Classical Conservatory, To the Rock Stage, and then to Outer Space.  This album will take you on an epic journey.  


Rosalie's Fusion Rendition of some of the best loved classical pieces will inspire you, it will shock you senses, with sound, images, feelings and emotions.


This sets a new benchmark in Music Inspiration and Just Plain Fun.







Available on all major download the streaming sites Worldwide.

Physical CD orders, exclusively at

Kickin' It Klassical
Blurry In The Rain Video Cover.jpg

About the Song - Blurry In The Rain

💋"Blurry in the Rain" is the latest single release from Rosalie Drysdale Music.

As of October 17, 2020, it is exclusively available at❤️


💥The song will be released Worldwide on October 31 2020.  So you will be able to stream and download it after October 31, 2020, on all of your favourite sites anywhere in the World.


There is an accompanying Video that is simply the best one we have ever done.  You will watch it time and time again, and there will still be new things to discover each time you watch.  The photography and videography is simply spectacular!


It is an incredible song ....we know you will love it.️


“Blurry In The Rain” is a song about deep sadness and disappointment.  It admits that sometimes, we are overcome with these feelings of heartbreak, and confusion, not knowing what to do, where to go, but that there is always hope for better times to come.  The future is never set by our past, but sometimes it might feel that way. Each of us can make tomorrow a place of joy or sadness, but along the way we may find our way forward to be “Blurry In The Rain”.   Rosalie’s performance will touch your heart, she will uplift your soul, and you will be assured that there are better times to come.


🧐 As always, we will  be providing little sneak previews, outtakes etc., on our FaceBook page:


When you join our Fan Club you get a great 15% discount on all purchases from our online store!


Available on all major download the streaming sites Worldwide.

Physical CD orders, exclusively at

Blurry in The Rain
Image for Store Video Collection.jpg

About the Album - Let Your Heart Be Light

💥Merry Christmas from Rosalie Drysdale Music!🎄


“Let Your Heart Be Light” is the best Holiday album of 2020! It will brighten up your season...and warm your heart!! ❤️


This album includes a little something for every member of the family.  From traditional to just for fun, to jazzy and bluesy to deeply emotional and inspirational.


The album has 11 of your family's Favourite Christmas tunes...some performed in traditional way, some with a new fresh feel...all with Rosalie's unique musical styling! 😍


You will love this album, it will instantly become your favourite Christmas Album of all time.  Imagine you and the ones you love cozy around the fireplace enjoying this classic Christmas album.


🌹And as always ... All tunes are performed by real musicians using real artificial flavours or colours….😘


This album makes a great “pre-Christmas Gift for anyone this year.


Order your CD or download or stream this album today.


  1. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting)

  2. Go Tell It On The Mountain

  3. Angels We Have Heard On High

  4. Tiny Little Baby

  5. Winterwonderland

  6. Christmas Medley (Feliz Navidad / Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas)

  7. We Three Kings

  8. What Child Is This

  9. Silent Night  (Stille Nacht)

  10. Birthday of A King

  11. Auld Lang Syne


Available on all major download the streaming sites Worldwide.

Physical CD orders, exclusively at

Let Your Heart Be Light
Awaken The Dawn.jpg

About the Album - Awaken The Dawn


Hear one of the most inspirational voices of our generation.

This album will inspire you.  ❤️  This album will touch your heart.  ❤️  This album will lift your soul.

Rosalie wonderfully melds together a variety of musical styles to bring you one of the most heartfelt performances of inspirational music that you and your family have loved for generations.

Rosalie includes some never before heard original music, some traditional presentations of old favorites, as well as some wonderful new treatments of old favorites.

This album will inspire you, your family and generations to come.

Each song contains messages of hope, love and a vision of a future better than today, inspired by faith and healing.

These songs will never leave your heart.  

Come listen to Rosalie Drysdale's unique and awe inspiring performances.

Rosalie was jointed in studio by an incredible cast of musicians.

Always Real Instruments, Always Real Musicians, Always Real Music.

Awaken The Dawn
A Time To Remember - Rosalie Drysdale.jpg

About the Album - A Time To Remember​


Rosalie Drysdale sings fourteen of the World's favorite songs from the 1940's.


Rosalie Drysdale's incredibly haunting and beautiful singing voice is perfectly suited to this most captivating of music genres.


Rosalie, performs all vocals, plays acoustic grand piano, and prepared all arrangements of the songs.


"A Time To Remember" authentically captures the heartfelt mood of each and every song.


You will find yourself going back to an era, when love and life were in the balance, when dreams, longing and sacrifice were a part of everyday life, both at home and abroad.


This album was recorded using all real acoustic instruments, no digital imitations were utilized. In addition, the music was recorded in the authentic way of the 1940's with many of the tunes being performed with the live band playing together to deliver the original live big band feeling.


You will be amazed, at how the music will take you back, and if you have never heard this music before, your heart will be forever haunted by its profound emotion, and authenticity.


If you purchase one album this year, it should be "A Time To remember"......Songs from the Greatest Generation.


A Time To Remember
Rosalie CD  Cover Classical Moods copy_edited.jpg

About the Album - Classical Piano Moods

Hear beautiful classical solo piano music, performed by Rosalie Drysdale.

Rosalie Drysdale has just released the new album "Classical Piano Moods" for world wide distribution on all of the major download and streaming sites.

All of the selections were chosen to provide a mood of relaxation and reflection.  The album contains some of the best loved and most recognized classical pieces by some of the most revered classical composers including:


  • Ludwig Van Beethoven (1770 - 1827

  • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750)

  • Frederic Chopin (1810 - 1849)

  • Claude Debussy (1862 - 1918)

  • Zdenko Fibich (1850 - 1900)

  • George Frideric Handel (1685 - 1759)

  • Franz Schubert (1797 - 1828)

Classical music, has a unique status in the world of music.  It has survived the test of time, and allows the composers and performers the unique opportunity to reach out across time and space to inspire deep emotions in people of all generations.

It is ubiquitous in our world, it has been used and enjoyed by billions of people worldwide, for hundreds and hundreds of years.  It is performed both in its original form using classical instruments, and in new forms and arrangements using the most sophisticated modern instruments. 

Classical music is used in movies, soundtracks, background mood music, as well as for training generations of aspiring musicians.

Let yourself become immersed in the purity of Rosalie Drysdale's solo piano performance of the these selections.

Performed as originally intended on the acoustic grand piano.

Classical Piano Moods
Rosalie CD  Cover New Heroes.jpg

About the Song - New Heroes

Rosalie Drysdale has just released the new single "New Heroes" for world wide distribution on all of the major download and streaming sites.


The song celebrates the everyday heroes we have in our lives, but who are often overlooked in the national news reports.


It celebrates the people who care for us, who maintain our cities and keep the world working. Celebrate these unseen heroes with us!

New Heroes
Rosalie CD  Cover Art for Love That We Share Duet_edited.jpg

About the Song - Love That We Share

Studio Bella Rosa04:03

This year's best song for weddings and romance!😍


Are you in the mood for romance, then "Love That We Share" is the Music Video for you.


From her Album "Fantasy" Rosalie Drysdale sings a duet with Nolan Balzer.


The song is the perfect inspiration for new love, weddings, or just a romantic moment with the one you love. Rosalie's voice is soft, and beautiful, along with the images from some wonderful and perfect weddings.


An inspiration for your wedding or for a renewal of your vows. You will love this one!💋

Love That We Share
Rosalie Fantasy Album Cover_edited.jpg

About the Album - Fantasy


“Fantasy”  - The album is a collection of original songs, including R&B, Pop, Inspirational and two new presentations of classical spiritual favourites.  All songs are original arrangements, written and arranged by Rosalie Drysdale.  Rosalie provided the lyrics, arrangements and lead vocals, piano and hammond organ tracks.


Each musical creation tells an authentic human story, which can be appreciated by a wide variety of people, and when interactively shared, will promote discussion and self reflection of some of the most intimate topics of our human experience.


Rosalie performs all lead vocals, some back up vocals, as well as all piano and most Hammond Organ tracks.


Rosalie takes you on a journey through life, its highs, its lows, its triumphs, its failures, all bound together by the rhythm of life….music.


The album “Fantasy” contains nine original compositions, all performed by Manitoba Artists at Studio Bella Rosa.  The line up of artists includes many Winnipeg musical legends:  Laurie MacKenzie; Julian Bradford; Rob Siwik; Sheena Rattai; Fionnagh Sheldon; Aaron Shorr, Ken Gold; Todd Martin; Merina Dobson-Perry; Clara Clefstad; James Campbell; Sandra Bender; Rebecca McIntosh; Wes Rambo; Nathan Poole; Nolan Balzer; Daniel Raposo; Eddie Hodges, Kyle Wedlake and Introducing Titan.

Rosalie CD  Cover Art for Soar.png

About the Album - Soar


“Soar” is a collection of ten songs which tell stories about life, love, relationships, faith, and family.  


The album “Soar” contains ten original compositions, all performed by Manitoba Artists, recorded and mixed at Studio 11 in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.


Rosalie combines elements  of pop, country, blues, easy listening and gospel to tell heartfelt stories of life. 


This album is the perfect collection of music for a warm summer night, or for a thoughtful evening alone at home or with with that special someone.  Romance, relationships, contemplation and faith are the main theme elements combined with rich vocals, and soft and cool instrumentation.


Rosalie performs all lead vocals, some back up vocals, as well as some piano.


Other Winnipeg artists on the album include: Laurie Mackenzie, Leonard Shaw, Rick Bouhgton, Rob Siwik, Darren Sedor, Janice Finlay, Michael Pare, Graham Reynolds, Paul Scinocca, Dave Lawton, Glen Matthews, Sherry St. Germaine, Boyd Mackenzie, Scott Senior, John Ervin, Glen Willows, Danny Kramer, Tom Watrous, Boyd MacKenzie, Suzanne McKegney, 

Rosalie Drysdale Songs of Faith.jpg

About the Album - Songs of Faith


This album is a compilation of gospel / inspirational music.  Some of the songs are original arrangements of classic favorites.

Psalms 23 is an original musical arrangement by Rosalie Drysdale, it was originally released on the album "Fantasy".

Amazing Grace is another original arrangement and features Rosalie Drysdale and her Daughter Sheena Rattai.  This song was originally released on the album "Fantasy"

Little light is an original arrangement by Rosalie Drysdale and is also included on the album "Soar"

My Tribute is an original arrangement by Rosalie Drysdale, which to this date has not been released.  It was originally prepared for the upcoming inspirational movie "Born Again and Again".

Songs of Faith
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