About the Album - Fantasy


The album Fantasy is a collection of original songs, including R&B, Pop, Inspirational and two new presentations of classical spiritual favourites.  All songs are original arrangements, written and arranged by Rosalie Drysdale.  Rosalie wrote the lyrics, arrangements and lead vocals, piano and hammond organ tracks.


Each musical creation tells an authentic human story, which can be appreciated by a wide variety of people, and when interactively shared, will promote discussion and self reflection of some of the most intimate topics of our human experience.


Rosalie performs all lead vocals, some back up vocals, as well as all piano and most Hammond Organ tracks.


Rosalie takes you on a journey through life, its highs, its lows, its triumphs, its failures, all bound together by the rhythm of life….music.


The album “Fantasy” contains nine original compositions, all performed by Manitoba Artists at Studio Bella Rosa.  The line up of artists includes many Winnipeg musical legends:  Laurie MacKenzie; Julian Bradford; Rob Siwik; Sheena Rattai; Fionnagh Sheldon; Aaron Shorr, Ken Gold; Todd Martin; Merina Dobson-Perry; Clara Clefstad; James Campbell; Sandra Bender; Rebecca McIntosh; Wes Rambo; Nathan Poole; Nolan Balzer; Daniel Raposo; Eddie Hodges, Kyle Wedlake and Introducing Titan.


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Above the Clouds
July 7, 2020
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July 31, 2020

About the Album - Awaken The Dawn


Hear one of the most inspirational voices of our generation.

This album will inspire you.  ❤️  This album will touch your heart.  ❤️  This album will lift your soul.

Rosalie wonderfully melds together a variety of musical styles to bring you one of the most heartfelt performances of inspirational music that you and your family have loved for generations.

Rosalie includes some never before heard original music, some traditional presentations of old favorites, as well as some wonderful new treatments of old favorites.

This album will inspire you, your family and generations to come.

Each song contains messages of hope, love and a vision of a future better than today, inspired by faith and healing.

These songs will never leave your heart.  

Come listen to Rosalie Drysdale's unique and awe inspiring performances.

Rosalie was jointed in studio by an incredible cast of musicians.

Always Real Instruments, Always Real Musicians, Always Real Music.

February 14, 2020
CD Available
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February 28, 2020

About the Album - A Time To Remember


Rosalie Drysdale sings fourteen of the World's favorite songs from the 1940's.


Rosalie Drysdale's incredibly haunting and beautiful singing voice is perfectly suited to this most captivating of music genres.


Rosalie, performs all vocals, plays acoustic grand piano, and prepared all arrangements of the songs.


"A Time To Remember" authentically captures the heartfelt mood of each and every song.


You will find yourself going back to an era, when love and life were in the balance, when dreams, longing and sacrifice were a part of everyday life, both at home and abroad.


This album was recorded using all real acoustic instruments, no digital imitations were utilized. In addition, the music was recorded in the authentic way of the 1940's with many of the tunes being performed with the live band playing together to deliver the original live big band feeling.


You will be amazed, at how the music will take you back, and if you have never heard this music before, your heart will be forever haunted by its profound emotion, and authenticity.


If you purchase one album this year, it should be "A Time To remember"......Songs from the Greatest Generation.


October 25, 2019
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About the Album - Classical Piano Moods

Hear beautiful classical solo piano music, performed by Rosalie Drysdale.

Rosalie Drysdale has just released the new album "Classical Piano Moods" for world wide distribution on all of the major download and streaming sites.

All of the selections were chosen to provide a mood of relaxation and reflection.  The album contains some of the best loved and most recognized classical pieces by some of the most revered classical composers including:


  • Ludwig Van Beethoven (1770 - 1827

  • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750)

  • Frederic Chopin (1810 - 1849)

  • Claude Debussy (1862 - 1918)

  • Zdenko Fibich (1850 - 1900)

  • George Frideric Handel (1685 - 1759)

  • Franz Schubert (1797 - 1828)

Classical music, has a unique status in the world of music.  It has survived the test of time, and allows the composers and performers the unique opportunity to reach out across time and space to inspire deep emotions in people of all generations.

It is ubiquitous in our world, it has been used and enjoyed by billions of people worldwide, for hundreds and hundreds of years.  It is performed both in its original form using classical instruments, and in new forms and arrangements using the most sophisticated modern instruments. 

Classical music is used in movies, soundtracks, background mood music, as well as for training generations of aspiring musicians.

Let yourself become immersed in the purity of Rosalie Drysdale's solo piano performance of the these selections.

Performed as originally intended on the acoustic grand piano.

Marble Surface

About the Song - New Heroes

Rosalie Drysdale has just released the new single "New Heroes" for world wide distribution on all of the major download and streaming sites.


The song celebrates the everyday heroes we have in our lives, but who are often overlooked in the national news reports.


It celebrates the people who care for us, who maintain our cities and keep the world working. Celebrate these unseen heroes with us!

Shadow on Concrete Wall

About the Song - Love That We Share

Rosalie's new release of the single "love That We Share" as a Duet with Nolan Balzer.

This song was originally released as a solo female artist version on the album "Fantasy".  Based on your feedback, we have now also released the song as a duet.

The perfect song for romance, weddings or anniversaries.


About the Album - Soar


“Soar” is a collection of ten songs which tell stories about life, love, relationships, faith, and family.  


The album “Soar” contains ten original compositions, all performed by Manitoba Artists, recorded and mixed at Studio 11 in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.


Rosalie combines elements  of pop, country, blues, easy listening and gospel to tell heartfelt stories of life. 


This album is the perfect collection of music for a warm summer night, or for a thoughtful evening alone at home or with with that special someone.  Romance, relationships, contemplation and faith are the main theme elements combined with rich vocals, and soft and cool instrumentation.


Rosalie performs all lead vocals, some back up vocals, as well as some piano.


Other Winnipeg artists on the album include: Laurie Mackenzie, Leonard Shaw, Rick Bouhgton, Rob Siwik, Darren Sedor, Janice Finlay, Michael Pare, Graham Reynolds, Paul Scinocca, Dave Lawton, Glen Matthews, Sherry St. Germaine, Boyd Mackenzie, Scott Senior, John Ervin, Glen Willows, Danny Kramer, Tom Watrous, Boyd MacKenzie, Suzanne McKegney, 

About the Album - Songs of Faith


This album is a compilation of gospel / inspirational music.  Some of the songs are original arrangements of classic favorites.

Psalms 23 is an original musical arrangement by Rosalie Drysdale, it was originally released on the album "Fantasy".

Amazing Grace is another original arrangement and features Rosalie Drysdale and her Daughter Sheena Rattai.  This song was originally released on the album "Fantasy"

Little light is an original arrangement by Rosalie Drysdale and is also included on the album "Soar"

My Tribute is an original arrangement by Rosalie Drysdale, which to this date has not been released.  It was originally prepared for the upcoming inspirational movie "Born Again and Again".

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