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"Overlord" - New Video Advanced Preview

My new music video "Overlord" is now available to Insider members as a special bonus Preview. Worldwide Release is scheduled for December 31 2021.

Overlord Asks: Who Owns You? Can you see the truth, understanding is freedom. Rosalie Drysdale Music

Breathless, Torrential Flood of Images, Light, Music and Colour. "Overlord"

Tear off the curtains that protect their secrets, your path to freedom starts with knowledge. Be courageous and look under the obvious News.

It did not happen all at once, it did not happen in the open, it was creeping, stalking, in the night, in the darkness.

It was cunning, it was patient, and now its jaws threaten to devour us all. Understand what lies beneath the things that you see and hear.

Overlord unleashes a torrent of sound, it is a tornado of colour and light, and it will take you on a frenzied journey that you cannot turn away from. We have layers.

Overlord will take your breath away, it will attack your senses and overwhelm your understanding of the world today.

Be courageous, start your journey with Overlord, there is no easy path to courage, only a desire to be free.

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