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New Single Release - "NATALIE"

My New Single "NATALIE" will be released worldwide on Friday October 29, 2021.

You will be able to listen to my new song on every major streaming and download site Worldwide.

BUT as a fan member you can download the song NOW from my website at: just scroll down the page (4 down from the top) until you reach the song "Natalie", you can listen to a sample and purchase a download of the song there.

Remember, purchasing my music directly from website cuts out the middle man, so if you want to support my music visit my website often,

Also, I will be releasing 5 new additional songs between now and the end of the year, so please stay tuned!!!!


Natalie is an original song by Rosalie Drysdale.

It tells a haunted tale of a life spent lonely with regrets over past Failures and missed opportunities.

Rosalie sings the song with the deepest of emotions, her incredible voice allows her to portray the depth of anguish felt by Natalie.

This song is a cautionary and conciliatory tale in that it demonstrates how many of us allow our past hurts, disappointments, perhaps our own failures to dictate our final analysis of things.

The song talks about a woman who had as much potential as the next person - and perhaps even more. However, dismal and very difficult external circumstances in her life caused her so much pain. As for any of us, she likely didn’t do everything right, however she did her best and worked very hard in her life.

But at the end of her life, though she raised a family and her children adored her, her many, many disappointments and hurts and buried heartache plagued her soul until the end. At the end of her life she was inconsolable.

So this song is trying to console Natalie, who is the woman in this story.

As Rosalie says...."The Past Should Inform our Future, NOT Dictate it".

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