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Kickin' It Klassical Available Now

Rosalie's incredible new album "Kickin' It Klassical" is now available exclusively on line from

World Wide Release in May 2021

About the Album - Kickin' It Klassical

Are you ready to be Inspired? Are you ready to be Rocked? Are you ready to Redefine how you think about Classical Music?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then you will love "Kickin' It Klassical"

Rosalie, has worked with some of the top musicians and orchestral producers for almost a year to bring this album to life. The intent of this album is simply to inspire you, to remind you what it is like to feel pure joy and excitement. Try not to move to this music, try not to keep going back to it again and again, you will not remain seated...Turn It Up!

She has taken six of the best loved classical pieces and reimagined them into cinematic modern inspirations.

1. Für Elise - Struttin' It.

2. Prelude - Feelin' It

3. Concerto in A Minor - Spankin' It

4. Ava Maria - Prasin' It

5. Moonlight Sonata - Groovin' It

6. Tocatta and Fuge - Rockin' It

If you love music, you will love "Kickin' It Klassics".

From the Classical Conservatory, To the Rock Stage, and then to Outer Space. This album will take you on an epic journey.

Rosalie's Fusion Rendition of some of the best loved classical pieces will inspire you, it will shock you senses, with sound, images, feelings and emotions.

This sets a new benchmark in Music Inspiration and Just Plain Fun.




Available on all major download the streaming sites Worldwide.

Physical CD orders, exclusively at

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