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Don't Forget About Me

New Video from Rosalie Drysdale Music

"Don't Forget About Me" tells an intimate story of heartbreak and regret, but with the hope that there may be forgiveness.

I ask "Don't Forget About Me", remember me for whom I am, who I hoped and tried to be, and for how I tried regardless of the final outcome.

Never forget about me, never forsake my memory, know how I tried my best and that despite that, it could never have been enough. A song that will touch your heart, and bring a tear to your eye...what if....

The video is "Stark"; "Beautiful", "A contrast of Light and Darkness", a "Feast for the Eyes and Soul".

An original song by Rosalie Drysdale available at all download and streaming sites Worldwide.

Please support Rosalie by subscribing to her Youtube Channel and by visiting and supporting her website at:

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