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BIG TALK - New Video on The Way

June 3, 2021, we will be releasing our latest Music Video...From the Album "Mumbo Jumbo". "Big Talk"

😘C'mon...we all know them,.... you know the ones...😩always bragging, talk, talk, would think they were 007...never without something to say, always loving to hear themselves talk.🌹 You know.... "Big Talk"...I think Carly Simon said "You're So Vane"😝

💥Remember there is always a little bit something special at the very very end of my videos...give you a little something to giggle about! BTW...If you did not know this before, go back and look at my previous videos, patience is a virtue you know!😉

💥This song is from my new blues album "Mumbo Jumbo" which was released Worldwide on May 29, 2021.

Available on all major download and streaming site, including my own site at

💋Remember you can easily find links to everything Rosalie Drysdale Music by visiting my "Links" page at:

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