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Psalms 23 - Music Video

Psalms 23 - Music Video


💋Rosalie's inspiring performance of her original musical presentation of Psalms 23.❤️❤️


☀️In these dark and uncertain times, we need to remember what has always been true, what will always be true, and what inspires us to know there are better days to come.🙏🏻


😘Be inspired to be the person your family and community can look up to and look to. We hope this can help you to be that person. We all love you, and honour you!😍


It can be such a comfort to reach toward a power and hope that is greater than ourselves. Rosalie has always put her hope and trust in that place.🌹🌹


This song is from Rosalie's album "Fantasy"

Full album is available now for download from:

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