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Not Gonna Worry

Not Gonna Worry


In these tough times, it is easy to become lost and despairing. Rosalie Drysdale's new Music Video "Not Gonna Worry" will lift you up, she will inspire you to think beyond the daily firestorm of bad news and despair.


Be reminded that there is a promise of something more, that you can rise above the daily roar of fear, and doom. Inoculate yourself from the daily infection of fear and hopelessness.


Be assured, be brave, trust the promise...remember the word.


Join Rosalie on this voyage of faith, and deliverance, hear one of the most inspirational singers today, with her original tune "Not Gonna Worry" from her album "Awaken The Dawn".


You will be amazed at the depth and richness of Rosalie's vocals, and the profound message in her words. Embrace the truth, hold close the promise, and be assured in the love of Christ. For more, please visit our links page, where you will find links to everything


Rosalie Drysdale Music.

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