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Neck of The Woods

Neck of The Woods


Rosalie Drysdale's country hit "Neck of the Woods".


💥 This video will have you thinking about home, and if you are a certified multi generational city person, it will have you wondering about a simpler life on the farm.


😍 Wonderful fall shots of life in the country but starting off showing the hectic life in the city. I know you will love it!


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From Rosalie's album "Soar". About the Album - Soar “Soar” is a collection of ten songs which tell stories about life, love, relationships, faith, and family. The album “Soar” contains ten original compositions, all performed by Manitoba Artists, recorded and mixed at Studio 11 in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. Rosalie combines elements of pop, country, blues, easy listening and gospel to tell heartfelt stories of life. This album is the perfect collection of music for a warm summer night, or for a thoughtful evening alone at home or with with that special someone. Romance, relationships, contemplation and faith are the main theme elements combined with rich vocals, and soft and cool instrumentation. Rosalie performs all lead vocals, some back up vocals, as well as some piano.


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