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Blurry In The Rain - Music Video

Blurry In The Rain - Music Video


💋"Blurry in the Rain" is a single release from Rosalie Drysdale Music.🌹 It is an incredible song ....we know you will love it.️. 😘


“Blurry In The Rain” is a song about deep sadness and disappointment. It admits that, sometimes, we are overcome with feelings of heartbreak, and confusion, not knowing what to do, where to go, but that there is always hope for better times to come. The future is never set by our past, although sometimes it might feel that way.


Each of us can make tomorrow a place of joy or sadness, but along the way we may find our way forward to be “Blurry In The Rain”.


😘Rosalie’s performance will touch your heart, she will uplift your soul, and you will be assured that there are better times to come. This Video is simply the best one we have ever done. You will watch it time and time again, and there will still be new things to discover each time you watch. The photography and videography is simply spectacular!

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