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Baby Ain't I Good To You - Music Video

Baby Ain't I Good To You - Music Video


Rosalie Drysdale performs "Baby Ain't I Good To You" from her new Album "A Time To Remember" - A Tribute to the Music of the Greatest Generation.


The album is distributed Worldwide on all the major download and streaming sites.   Rosalie Drysdale sings fourteen of the World's favorite songs from the 1940's. Rosalie Drysdale's incredibly haunting and beautiful singing voice is perfectly suited to this most captivating of music genres. Rosalie, performs all vocals, plays acoustic grand piano, and prepared all arrangements of the songs.


"A Time To Remember" authentically captures the heartfelt mood of each and every song. You will find yourself going back to an era, when love and life were in the balance, when dreams, longing and sacrifice were a part of everyday life, both at home and abroad. This album was recorded using all real acoustic instruments, no digital imitations were utilized. In addition, the music was recorded in the authentic way of the 1940's with many of the tunes being performed with the live band playing together to deliver the original live big band feeling.


You will be amazed, at how the music will take you back, and if you have never heard this music before, your heart will be forever haunted by its profound emotion, and authenticity. If you purchase one album this year, it should be "A Time To remember"......Songs from the Greatest Generation.

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