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Album "Awaken The Dawn"
  • Album "Awaken The Dawn"


    Hear one of the most inspirational voices of our generation.

    This album will inspire you.  ❤️  This album will touch your heart.  ❤️  This album will lift your soul.

    Rosalie wonderfully melds together a variety of musical styles to bring you one of the most heartfelt performances of inspirational music that you and your family have loved for generations.

    Rosalie includes some never before heard original music, some traditional presentations of old favorites, as well as some wonderful new treatments of old favorites.

    This album will inspire you, your family and generations to come.

    Each song contains messages of hope, love and a vision of a future better than today, inspired by faith and healing.

    These songs will never leave your heart.  

    Come listen to Rosalie Drysdale's unique and awe inspiring performances.

    Rosalie was jointed in studio by an incredible cast of musicians.

    Always Real Instruments, Always Real Musicians, Always Real Music.

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