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Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Rosalie Drysdale Releases new album - fantasy


Studio Bella Rosa is proud to announce the release of Rosalie Drysdale’s album “Fantasy”. The new album is available worldwide at most online music distribution sites, including I-tunes; Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Youtube Music; Napster; Deezer and most other online music sites.

Direct purchase of the download, or the physical CD, and Links to many of these popular musical sites are provided on Rosalie’s music website:

About the Album

The album is a collection of original songs, including R&B, Pop, Inspirational and two new presentations of classical spiritual favourites. All songs are original arrangements, written and arranged by Rosalie Drysdale. Rosalie provided the lyrics, arrangements and lead vocals, piano and hammond organ tracks.

Each musical creation tells an authentic human story, which can be appreciated by a wide variety of people, and when interactively shared, will promote discussion and self reflection of some of the most intimate topics of our human experience.

Rosalie performs all lead vocals, some back up vocals, as well as all piano and most Hammond Organ tracks.

Rosalie takes you on a journey through life, its highs, its lows, its triumphs, its failures, all bound together by the rhythm of life….music.

The album “Fantasy” contains nine original compositions, all performed by Manitoba Artists at Studio Bella Rosa. The line up of artists includes many Winnipeg musical legends: Laurie MacKenzie; Julian Bradford; Rob Siwik; Sheena Rattai; Fionnagh Sheldon; Aaron Shorr, Ken Gold; Todd Martin; Merina Dobson-Perry; Clara Clefstad; James Campbell; Sandra Bender; Rebecca McIntosh; Wes Rambo; Nathan Poole; Nolan Balzer; Daniel Raposo; Eddie Hodges, Kyle Wedlake and Introducing Titan.

Comments by the Artist

Who doesn’t love Music?

Music is the universal language of life. Music is meaningful to all people everywhere and music expresses itself in countless numbers of ways.

People love to share songs with each other, we express ourselves through our music. Music is unlike any other medium of communication, in that it can express thoughts, feelings, experience, and it invokes such strong feelings among such a wide variety of people.

Music can inspire, comfort, excite, and unify us, all at the same time.

It is with this in mindset that I created all of the songs on this album. They are all original arrangements, and the variety of music types and expressions, mirror our experiences in life.

This album is not just made up of one type of music, or one type of mood, the variety is intended to challenge, inspire, make you laugh, and make you cry, it touches some of the most intimate places in our lives.

Rosalie shares with the listener her music, and a lifetime of life and musical experience and interpretation.

  • Fantasy, expresses some of our deepest needs for oneness and intimacy. Featuring Vocals and Piano by Rosalie Drysdale.

  • It’s Not You, takes you through an emotional ride through an ending relationship, exploring bewilderment, betrayal and redemption. Featuring Vocals and Piano by Rosalie Drysdale, lead guitar Laurie MacKenzie, bass guitar Julian Bradford.

  • Give Me Another Chance, is the story of self recrimination and doubt, and the desire to try to be more than ourselves. Featuring Vocals and Piano by Rosalie Drysdale, lead guitar Laurie MacKenzie, bass guitar Julian Bradford, Drums Rob Siwik, Congas Dan Raposo,.

  • Sooner or Later, explores pride and communications in a relationship, and things truly matter. Featuring Vocals and Piano by Rosalie Drysdale, lead guitar Laurie MacKenzie, bass guitar Julian Bradford, Drums Rob Siwik, Congas Dan Raposo, Flugal Horn Todd Martin, Alto-saxophone Kyle Wedlake.

  • Love That We Share, describes the start of a profound love between two people, and what if feels like to dedicate your life to each other. This song is destined to become a favourite at weddings. Featuring Vocals and Piano by Rosalie Drysdale, Lead Guitar Laurie MacKenzie & Aaron Shorr, Bass Guitar Julian Bradford, Drums Rob Siwik.

  • Rosina, is a tribute to those people in our life that, through quiet, subtle means become the foundation of love and a model for us to live our life by. Dedicated to Rosalie’s grandmother. Featuring Vocals and Piano by Rosalie Drysdale, Back Up Vocals by Rosalie Drysdale and Sheena Rattai, Lead Guitar Laurie MacKenzie, Bass Guitar Julian Bradford, Drums Rob Siwik, Saxophone Ken Gold, Congas Dan Raposo,.

  • Amazing Grace, this is an original arrangement of an inspirational classic, Rosalie performs this song with local singer Sheena Rattai. The combination of mother and daughter’s voices are truly remarkable. Featuring Vocals Rosalie Drysdale and Sheena Rattai, Piano by Rosalie Drysdale, Lead Guitar Aaron Shorr, Bass Guitar Julian Bradford, Drums Rob Siwik, Bagpipes Eddie Hodges.

  • Psalms 23, Rosalie has created a new musical arrangement and interpretation of this well known passage, which will become a daily source of comfort and inspiration. Featuring Vocals and Piano by Rosalie Drysdale, Lead Guitar Laurie MacKenzie, Bass Guitar Julian Bradford, Drums Rob Siwik, Flute Ken Gold, Nathan Poole Choir.

  • People All Over the World, this song asks the audience to listen closely, and asks why can’t we get along, why can’t we live in peace when we are all so much the same, all over the world. Featuring Vocals and Piano by Rosalie Drysdale, Lead Guitar Laurie MacKenzie, Bass Guitar Julian Bradford, Drums Rob Siwik, Flute Ken Gold, Nathan Poole Choir, Congas Dan Raposo, introducing rapper Titan.

About Rosalie Drysdale

Rosalie Drysdale is a singer, songwriter, pianist, arranger and producer who performs on stage, television and radio. Rosalie started her performing career at the age of two, singing in church.  She has been creating original music and performing in a wide variety of genres including soul, R&B with a dash of Jazz all the way to inspirational and classical, which are her musical roots.

Rosalie is inspired by a variety of musical stylings, and instruments. Her love of such a variety of instruments and styles results in a unique musical signature, inspiring, emotional and entertaining.

She writes and arranges all of her songs at her Yamaha Grand piano, in Studio Bella Rosa. She owns two Yamaha Grand Pianos, one in the great room of her home, and the other in her studio. Music is a fundamental part of her everyday life. Rosalie and her pianos are the best of friends, and throughout her life they have spent countless hours together.

The Acoustic Grand Piano is her main instrument, which she plays on all of the album tracks, in addition, on selected tracks, she plays the Hammond Organ on her Nord Electro 5HP.

She trained for over a decade with the Royal Conservatory of Music as a classical vocalist and pianist, and spent her formative years performing classical gospel, jazz and pop music.

Rosalie is host of the Vision TV show “Time To Sing”, which is in syndication across Canada, on both Vision TV and Hope TV.

She performed the Theme Song “Go for Gold” at the opening ceremonies for the 1999 Pan Am Games, which was broadcast live around the World, to an estimated audience of 400 million viewers.

Rosalie performed locally on stage for five years with the Ron Paley Band, and made countless appearances at various venues around Winnipeg in late 1990’s. After a hiatus of almost two decades since her last album “Soar” was released, Rosalie now spends her time exclusively at Studio Bella Rosa, and is working with a variety of artists on a number of new and upcoming projects.

Upcoming Projects

She is presently working on two additional album releases, which are being created at Studio Bella Rosa, on Lake Winnipeg. This peaceful setting is the ideal location for the creative process. Nestled on the sandy beaches, surrounded by nature, and the incredible lakeshore sunsets one can truly appreciate the essence of life, love and what really matters.

Rosalie will shortly be releasing a remix version of the song “Love That We Share”, performed with Nolan Balzer. The song is destined to become a summer wedding classic. She is currently writing news songs, that will be shortly released as singles.

Julian Bedford on Bass & Aaron Shorr on Lead Guitar

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I her show and her singing. In particular, I loved the last show where the full versions of the songs "When you were sweet sixteen" and her solo of "Let me call you Sweetheart" were sung. An album of these type of songs with the printed versions would be great.


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