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Rosalie Drysdale Music

Singer - Songwriter - Actress

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With an oceanic depth of feeling and emotion, Rosalie's voice can calm, and sooth, then, in an instant, become a world-wind of fury which rages into the night, to greet the morning  as smooth as a summer breeze.

Life, Love, Devotion, are Only the First Pages of the full story of life and the emotions explored in the  music of Rosalie Drysdale.

Dare to explore the messy, complicated and exquisite story of life with Rosalie Drysdale....

Join us for a musical journey of a lifetime!

Dare to explore the messy, complicated and exquisite story of life with Rosalie Drysdale....

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Imagine being submersed in a kaleidoscope of sound, colour, and emotion. Then imagine being able to discover that in one place...Rosalie Drysdale Music.  Join Us in a Place Like no Other....

Let Your Heart Be Light
Let Your Heart Be Light

Rosalie Drysdale Christmas Album Cover "Let Your Heart Be Light"

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Just Another Ghost
Just Another Ghost

Seductive, soft, passionate consideration of life, longing for a unique place. Rosalie Drysdale's new original singe "Just Another Ghost", is a consideration of life and the aspiration for everyone to be more than just a a fading face in a crowd, or Just Another Ghost. We want to be heard, we just do not want to be a two dimensional character on a silent movie screen. Rosalie's voice is smooth as silk floating on a summer evening breeze. With Spanish guitar highlights accentuating her already

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Mary Did You Know
Mary Did You Know

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Make a Choice, Unleash Your Mind

Your Ears Will Embrace the Sounds. Your Eyes will Devour the Imagery. Together This Stereographic World of the Senses will Uplift, Inspire and Inform Your Soul. With over 50 Music Videos in her Library, Rosalie's Videos will be sure to entice you into her world of Sight and Sound.

Just Another Ghost

Rosalie New Single "Just Another Ghost"

Overlord Cover

Thumbnail image from Rosalie Drysdale Song "Overlord"

Mary Did You Know

Album artwork from Rosalie Drysdale's original song "I Surrender"

Old Rugged Cross

Rosalie Drysdale Re4d Jacket on White Background

Into Your Music

Rosalie Drysdale modelling her Fashion Hat

Oh Canada

The Back Cover of the Album "Kickin' It Klassical"