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Album "Mumbo Jumbo"          (Physical CD)
  • Album "Mumbo Jumbo" (Physical CD)


    About the Album - Mumbo Jumbo

    If you love the blues, you will love "Mumbo Jumbo".  If you have never heard the blues, then "Mumbo Jumbo" to get to know this incredible genre.


    Imagine yourself in a dark smokey lounge, ........  through the dark,  Smooooth, Velvety Music slowly drifts across the room and surrounds you.  You fade off into a cloud of relaxation, dreams and thought......


    Mumbo Jumbo is the most innovative Blues Album to come along in the past decade.  


    Rosalie Drysdale has written and arranged all of the music, and she is joined by a "blue" ribbon group of musicians and production experts, the result being one of the most heartfelt and profound blues albums of our time.


    Rosalie's velvety smooth vocals combined with the incredible music and orchestration will leave you breathless.


    The album has 8 incredible original tunes:


    1.  Mumbo Jumbo

    2.  One More Chance

    3.  Kiss You Goodbye

    4.  Blurry In The Rain

    5.  Secrets

    6.  Big Talk

    7.  Hold Me

    8.  Rhythm of Your Heart



    Available on all major download the streaming sites Worldwide.

    Physical CD orders, exclusively at

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